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2 Unique Gouda pottery amphora vases with religious decoration yearsign 1926.

productcode: 1705-T037a + b

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Marked: Zuid-Holland Gouda.
Modelnumber: 836.
Production year: 1926.
Height vase: 13½ inch.
Painter initials: GvdA = Gerard van den Akker.

In the locket religious latin spells.
Sancuis meus vere est potus en Caro mea vere est cibus.
Ecce panis angelorum en Pie Pelicane, Jesu Domine.

My blood is the true drink and my flesh is food.

The amphora vases are decorated with a hand painted fantasy Gouda decoration.The amphora vases are produced in the Gouda earthenware factory. The vases are made in command for the Sisters Franciscanessen of St. Anna in Oudenbosch, on the occasion of Maria Lichtmis in February and Maria to heaven in August. They put flowers in the vases and put on the altar.

The unique Gouda vases are in good condition.

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detail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail image
2 Gouda pottery identical Piede-Stalles marked Zuid-Holland design Trudy.
Rhodian clock marked Zuid-Holland, Gouda modelnumber 660.
Ivora earthenware spherical flowervase marked Gouda Holland.
Very nice Gouda earthenware vase marked South Holland with bird decoration.
A Gouda pottery 4-handle pot marked Zuid-Holland, Gouda yearsign 1918.
Gouda tobacco pot with wooden frame and original pipes marked Zuid-Holland.
Rosario decor vase witj lid marked Regina, Gouda model number 435/1.
Gouda pottery Amphora vase marked Iris, production period 1920-1940.
Rosario design plants pot marked Regina, Gouda model number 186.
2 Unique Gouda pottery amphora vases with religious decoration yearsign 1926.
Regina high gloss baluster vase marked Gouda period 1916-1926 nr. 63.
Henri Breetvelt portrait wallplate marked Zuid-Holland, Gouda period 1901-1902.
South Holland Gouda pottery amphora vase decoration Rhodian yearsign May 1919.
Antique Gouda vase with lid marked Damascus production period 1909-1910.
Schoonhoven pottery factory 2 amphora vases with Gouda decoration Agar.
Gouda earthenware flower pot marked Zuid-Holland, yearsign 1918.
Regina pottery wall hanging plantspot with original inside pot decoration Rosario.
A beautiful Gouda liqueur set on bottom plate marked Zuid Holland in Gouda.
Corona design seal ring attributes holder marked Zuid-Holland, Gouda.
Regina high gloss small vase marked Gouda period 1916-1926 nr. 88.
Argos decoration small plants pot marked Regina, Gouda model designer Steef Boers.
Goedewaagen/Distel Gouda handle jug with Gouda decoration Orchid.
2 Gouda handle vases marked Regina modelnumber 33/2, decoration Perla.
Schoonhoven pottery small jar with Gouda decoration Corel.
Pottery handle vase marked Amphora, Holland approx. 1920 with decor Pompea.
Zuid-Holland high gloss antique handle jug marked Gouda, period 1904-1908.
Regina pottery chalice vase marked Gouda decoration Rosario.
Candle holder marked Holland, Pottery Rembrandt Nijmegen design Azurea.