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An antique Makkum blue chocolat dish with silver handle marked Holland.

productcode: 1705-T035

afbeelding product

Marked: Holland (Tichelaar Makkum).
Painter: probably Jetze Kuipers.
Modelnumber: 1005.
Production period: approx. 1915.
Diameter: 10 inch.
Dutch assay: 2th grade.
Master sign: JS = J.H. Schijfsma.
Year sign: F = 1915.
Assay office: Leeuwarden.

A beautiful chocolat dish with silver handle, decorated with a total full hand painted blue flower and leaf design, in the middle a flowerpot.

Small used and age glaze damage caused by the silver handle,
No restaurations or hairline.

The chocolat dish is for the age in good condition.

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detail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail image
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An antique Makkum blue chocolat dish with silver handle marked Holland.
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