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Makkum colorful large cabinet-set, marked Tichelaar modelnumber 1138.

productcode: 1611-B003

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Marked: Tichelaar Makkum.
Modelnumber: 1138.
Production period: 1940-1960.
Height vase with cover: 15¾ inch.
Height vase: 11¾ inch.
Painter initials: JR = Riekent Jongman.

A many colorful 3 pieces large cabinet set, decorated with a total full hand painted floral fantasy decoration. On the lid a sculpture of a dog with bal. Produced in the famous Friezian earthenware factory of Tichelaar in Makkum.

One cabinet vase have a small factory glaze damage on the top edge.

No restorations, hairline or other damage.

The Makkum cabinet set is in good condition.

Price: € 675.00   ORDER   CONTACT

Detail images (click to enlarge)

detail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail imagedetail image
Tichelaar Makkum fruitset marked Makkum modelnumber 1068.
Chocolat dish with handgrip marked Tichelaar Makkum.
A ribbed Makkum wallplate marked Royal Tichelaar.
Tichelaar Makkum colorful wallplate marked Makkum modelnumber 937.
Makkum hand painted tea caddie marked Tichelaar, modelnumber 958
Chocolat plate with silver handle marked Tichelaar Makkum.
3-Pieces many coloured cabinet-set, marked Tichelaar Makkum number 339.
Makkum ajour fruit plate marked Tichelaar, production period 1940-1960.
Makkum tea warmer marked Tichelaar modelnumber 1273.
Tichelaar Makkum flowerbasket wallplate decoration Ø 11 inch. Period 1940-1960.
A large Makkum wallplate Ø 15¼ inches marked Tichelaar Makkum.
Makkum colorful large cabinet-set, marked Tichelaar modelnumber 1138.
A Makkum beautiful hand painted tea-pot and warmer marked Royal Tichelaar.
3-Pieces Makkum colourful cabinet-set, marked Tichelaar Makkum.
Tichelaar Makkum wallplate with colorful Damascus design marked Makkum.
A Makkum beautiful many colored octagonal flowerpot marked Tichelaar.
Large many colored vase with cover marked Tichelaar Makkum H. 60 cm.
Two Large Makkum chalkboards marked Tichelaar diameter Ø 17½ inch.
Makkum blue windmill chalkboard, marked Tichelaar Ø 13½ cm.
A beautiful coloured large bottle vase, marked Tichelaar Makkum period 1940-1960.
Makkum vase with lid marked Tichelaar modelnumber 878.
Makkum many coloured small handle vase marked Tichelaar model nr. 1053.
Royal Tichelaar Makkum cabinet vase model nr. VV31-04.
Royal Tichelaar many coloured small plant pot marked Makkum modelnumber 575.
Royal Tichelaar Makkum wallplate Ø 13,5 inch .
Handle jug marked Tichelaar Makkum modelnumber VK24.
Little knobvase number 451 marked Tichelaar Makkum.
Makkum large handpainted stove marked Tichelaar.