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May i introduce myself, my name is Teun Duynstee, owner of the Old Dutch Pottery shop. I am buying and selling antique Dutch pottery like Gouda, Delft and Makkum since 1985.

I started selling my products at antique markets, and later, as Old Dutch Pottery i started this internet site, and opened a shop. But i am still present at several antique markets in Holland.

My aim is to inform you, as much as possible with my experience and knowledge, about the age, origin and condition, of my offered products, and when a restauration is present i always mention that, even when you cannot see it. Service and honesty is my policy.

Enjoy watching my products, and i welcome you as a new client of Old Dutch Pottery.

If you have any questions about the products or about ordering, you can contact me by e-mail via the Old Dutch Pottery site, i am always at your service.

Best Regards T Duynstee

Makkum cabinet vase with multi colored continuous decoration.

Vincent v. Gogh print in aluminium frame of the park entrance in Arles.

A Makkum many coloured tulip vase marked Royal Tichelaar nr. MG 22.

Oilpint on canvas the Fortress tower of Hoorn signed J.Knikker Jr.

Breetvelt dec. pot with abstract design marked Zuid-Holland, Gouda model number 2150.