Hello Teun,

Just to let you know that the Porceleyne Fles cabinet jar has arrived safely. He is very pretty indeed! Thank you very much.

Mevr. Maviah

No.0704-0033 Delft blue cabinet vase marked Porceleyne Fles, height 13 inch, yearsign 1973., Sold to Singapore.

Dear mister Duijnstee,
I have transferred the amount. I don’t know if it will be transferred today to your bank account. The cabinet set is beautifully on our closet. With kind regards, E. Leusink.

Mr. E. Leusink

No.1606-B002 Three pieces Makkum colorful cabinet set marked Tichelaar, modelnr. 504 period 1940-1960., Sold in Holland

Dear Mr. Duijnstee,
Both packages are yesterday resp. today delivered in best condition. Thank you very much for the excellent packaging and your first-class servive. Nice weekend and friendly greetings, Jan Negelen.

Mr. Jan Negelen

No.1303-B003 Large Makkum colorful hand painted wallplate marked Tichelaar Ø 15¼ inch., Sold to Germany

Dear Teun,
I received the package over the weekend and everything was in perfect shape! Thank you so much – the plates are beautiful! I very much appreciate doing business with you! Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again! Best regards, Michelle.

Ms. Michelle

No.1111-T018 Black hand painted wallplate marked Porceleyne Fles Delft, yearsign 1992 Ø 11½ inch., Sold to United States

Hello mister Duijnstee,

I can report that the lampbase has been recieved in excellent condition. It is a beautiful lampbase and I will certainly enjoy it, with friendly greetings Olga Foeken.

Ms. Olga Foeken

No.1206-0004 Delft blue lampbase marked Porceleyne Fles, height 9½ inch, yearsign 1967., Sold in Holland

Dear olddutchpottery,
The parcel have arrived safely and all contents are in good order. All the items are very beautiful and I am very pleased with them. Even my son was impressed with the wallplate. It is a pleasure doing business with you and will do so again shortly, Kind Regards, John Beuning.

Mr. John Beuning.

No.0712-T110 Porceleyne Fles Delft blue large wallplate with Dutch mill landscape Ø 15¾ inch., Sold to New Sealand.

Dear Teun Duijnstee,
Your package arrived in fine shape. We are very pleased with this purchase. Best regards, Barbara LeFebvre.

Ms. Barbara LeFebvre.

No.0903-0008 Two handle vase with fantasy flower decoration marked Regina Gouda, height 8¾ inch., Sold to Amerika.

Dear Teun Duijnstee,
Parcel has been delivered. Wife is deciding about other pieces. Thank you for your excellent service. Best Regards, John.

Mr. John Klingel.

No.0802-B002 Antique Makkum wallplate marked TT (Tichelaar Makkum) approx. 1890 Ø 13¾ inch., Sold to the United States

It is perfect and arrived quite safely. I did as you suggested and opened it in front of the postman who brought the box to my door. We both were impressed with its beauty! Many thanks. Please keep me informed about similar Gouda, South Holland pieces if you would.
Best wishes, Denise.

Ms. Denise M. Rousseau

No.0311-0099 Gouda pottery handle pot marked Zuid-Holland, height 6¼ inch period 1910-1917., Sold to Amerika.

Hello Duijnstee.
Vase has arrived in good order and has already found a place. Thank you for the service.
Edwin Ransijn.

Mr. Edwin Ransijn

No.1311-T029 Rosario vase with lid marked Regina Gouda, modelnumber 435/1, height 15 inch., Sold in Holland

Hello Teun

I’m very excited to receive my gouda piece. I have also told family and friends about the Old Dutch Pottery shop. Kind regards, Carla Janissen.

Ms. Carla Janissen,

No.1302-0005 Gouda flowervase marked Zenith, Holland, period 1923-1930, Height 12½ inch., Sold in Australia

Yes, Teun
The package has arrived, all was in excellent condition. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance & hear your stories. Thank you very much and we would want to come again and maybe buy some more of your beautiful things! Belinda Vrielink.

Ms. Belinda Vrielink,

No.1601-T001 Five pieces many colored cabinet set marked Porceleyne Fles Delft, yearsign 1916., Sold to the United States

Dear Teun,
Just to let you know that we have delivered the packages. Thank you for the beautiful pieces and best wishes. Regards Abi.

Ms. Abigail Collier,

No.1704-T027 Two large flowerpots marked Zuid-Holland Gouda, height 9¾ inch, yearsign 1924., Sold to England.