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Delft blue lampbase marked Porceleyne Fles yearsign 1967.: No.1206-0004 Sold in Amersfoort, Holland. Hello, Mr Duijnstee. This is to say that I am the lamp foot received in perfect condition. It is a beautiful lamp base and i will definitely enjoy it. With kind regards, Olga Foeken.
A 3 pieces Makkum cabinet set marked Tichelaar modelnumber 504.: No.1606-B002 Sold in The Netherlands for € 375,- Dear Mr. Duijnstee, the Makkum cabinet set is beautiful, the set we have placed on the home cabinet. With kind regards, E. leusink.
Delft blue cabinet vase with lid marked Porceleyne Fles yearsign 1973.: No.0704-0033 Sold to Singapore for € 150,- Hello Teun, Just to let you know that the Porceleyne Fles jar has arrived safely. It is very pretty indeed! Thank you very much. Regards, Maviah.
Gouda hand painted amphora vase marked Regina with decoration name Onyx.: No.0903-0008 Sold to Amerika. Dear Teun Duijnstee, Your package arrived in fine shape. We are very pleased with this purchase. Best regards, Barbara LeFebvre.
Antique Makkum chalkboard marked Tichelaar approx. 1890 painter Eit Wijkstra.: No.0811-E002 Sold to Amerika for € 575,- I am very glad package arrived in good condition. Wife is deciding about other pieces. Thank you for your excellent service. With Kind Regards, John Klingel.
A Gouda two handle pot with decoration Kaag marked Zui-Holland.: No.0311-0099 Sold to United States. It is perfectly sent and received. I did what you suggested and opened the package together with the postman We were both impressed by its beauty! Thank you. Please keep me informed about similar Gouda, South Holland objects. Best wishes Denise M. Rousseau.
A Gouda double inkwell marked Zuid-Holland with decoration Rio.: No.0209-0001 Sold in the Netherlands. Hello Teun, has just received the double inkwell, for which I thank you. Am pleased with the beautiful object. Will certainly in the future look on your site. Who knows. Warm Regards Clementine Randhuizen.
A large blue chalkboard with cows in a Dutch landscape marked Porceleyne Fles delft: No.0712-T110 Sold to New Sealand. Dear Teun. The package is well received and the content is in order. All items are very nice and I am very pleased with them. Even my son was impressed with the chalkboard and the vases are fantastic on top of the Chinese cabinet. With a vase on both sides of the chalkboard. It is a pleasure doing business with you to do, with kind regards, John Beuning.
3-Parts Makkum cabinetset marked Tichelaar nr. 339.: No.1406-B004 Mediated in the Netherlands. Hello Mr. Duijnstee, The money of the cabinetset is now on my bankaccount. I will keep your address information in my records. Maybe we can do in the near future a futher appeal with you,your sincerely Ms. v.Tuyl-van der Geer.
Multi colored wallplate marked Tichelaar Makkum nr.963.: No.1405-T020 Sold in the Netherlands € 110,- Dear Mr. Duijnstee, Internet ordering is always a little risk, but it is all good. If I hear of someone who wants to have something like this, then I will definitely recommend you. Yours sincerely Ms. A. Willemsen.
Delft blue Hooimeyer teaset marked Schoonhoven.: No.1306-T015 Sold in Holland. Mr. Duijnstee, Everything is good arrived. Thank you also for the tea shainer and he good care of packging and dispatch. Is reapeted for a next time, Edwin Zonneveld.
3 Gouda pottery objects marked Zuid Holland decoration Corona.: No.1409-T009 Sold in The Netherlands. Hello Teun, The vases are well recieved. They were very well packed. Thank you for the friendly settlement. Regards, Co
Delft cloisonne tile marked Porceleyne Fles.: No.0709-0105 Delft cloisonné tile. To Old Dutch Pottery, Hello Teun, Thank you for the careful packaging and the rapid handling. I am pleasend about that. Perhabs until the next time. With Kinds Regards, Marc The Netherlands.
: No.1303-B003 Makkum wallplate nr.456 Dear Mr. Duijnstee, Both packages are delivered today in very good condition. Thank you for your excellent packaging and your first class service. But I can provisionally visted your virtual treasure shop. Good weekend and Kind regards, J. Negelen. Germany.
Black wallplate marked Porceleyne Fles Delft.: No.1111-0012. Black chalkboard. Dear Teun, I received the package over the weekend and everything was in perfect shape! Thank you so much - the plates are beautiful! I very much appreciate doing business with you! Best regards, Michelle, United States.
A black plaque marked Porceleyne Fles Delft modelnumber 8017.: No.1111-T017 Schwarze Delft platte. Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Das Paket kam gut an, die Platte ist wunderbar. Herzliche Grüße, Alexandra Reinhart, Deutschland.
Gouda fruitdish marked Roario Regina ,Gouda.: No.0908-0016 Order fruit dish. Hello Teun Duijnstee The fruitdish is recieved in perfect condition and fantastic packing. Friendly Regards, Janman Michielsen, Deventer
Delft blue milk-jug marked Porceleyne Fles Delft.: No.0909-0022 Yep, I received the parcel, and everything looked good. Many thanks! Henk Brands Washington, D.C. 20007
Gouda rosebowl with earthenware cover decoration Corona.: No.1403-T006 Goodday Teun, I am very pleased with the rosebowl. The rosebowl is showing in my living room. If you find an other object please send me a message. Best Regards, Tinneke Schillemans Holland

2 Gouda pottery identical Piede-Stalles marked Zuid-Holland design Trudy.

20-parts tea set with Jansen van Galen design, marked NV Plazuid, Gouda.

Makkum colorful large cabinet-set, marked Tichelaar modelnumber 1138.

An antique Makkum blue chocolat dish with silver handle marked Holland.

2 Delft blue lampbase marked Porceleyne Fles, model numbers 1356 + 1212.