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Ebay shop

My Ebay shop exists of three parts, just like the Old Dutch Pottery site.

To prevent misunderstandings I describe each item the quality and condition to the best of my knowledge and ability. So far my clients are satisfied and happy with their purchases made from my sites (look at my ebay feedback).

Payments are possible in three different ways:
  1. Via Paypal
  2. Via bank tranfer
  3. By cash
When purchasing via the Ebay shop, rules set by the Ebay company has to be followed by the purchaser as well as the seller. Upon clearing these set of rules the item then will be professionally packed and shipped in accordance with the instructions of the TGP Post to qualify for the insurance for breakage or damage during the shipping of the item. With each item I will describe how it will be packed. Because of this garanty and security the cost will be a little higher than normal packages in weight costs.

There are three possiblities how to receive the purchase:
  1. collecting from my home
  2. delivering to your home by myself
  3. shipping through the TGP Post (Dutch parcel Post)
The clients wish will be foremost. And I will make the delivery to my best capability. With this explanation of the ,how and what, I hope to persuade you to purchase the item you wish for.

With kind regards,
Teun Duijnstee